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Cost of Energy Review – Helm, published 25th October 2017
Clean growth strategy – published 12th October
National Grid Status
PV generation live data
National Grid live status
Infrastructural Tourism
Some background reading ahead of our planned ‘Greater Manchester Energy Walk’. We’re planning to run these walks in January and open up [...]
Mapping GM
Mapping GM is a fantastic energy infrastructure visualisation tool. Developed by GMCA, Salford Council and New Economy, it allows users to see where the [...]
Electricity before Nationalisation, Leslie Hannah
This is another book on the history of electricity provision in the UK – this one was published in 1979. I haven’t read it yet but it is [...]
Networks of Power, Thomas Hughes
This book, published in 1983, is now a classic in the Social Studies of Science and recounts the history of electricification of the Western world between [...]
Questions of Power, Bill Luckin
This 1990 book by Bill Luckin provides a history of the construction of the national grid in the UK, including one chapter that focuses in particular on [...]