The Great Energy Escape Symposium – 3 very interesting talks

9th November 2017 - Knowledge bank

As part of the Manchester Science Festival 2017, Carbon Co-op and Energy Democracy Greater Manchester ran the Great Energy Escape, an immersive game exploring the challenges of the energy transition we’re all now involved in. In this follow up event, we ask about electric vehicles, smart homes, power blackouts and municipal energy. What does our future energy system look like in Greater Manchester and beyond, how quickly will things change and how will citizens be involved?

As Jonathan Atkinson put it, [these three speakers] ‘offer three very different view points on the energy system: a DNO that are thinking about energy efficiency on a wider scale, an investment pensions fund that are thinking about not investing into things they have already invested in and an engineer who is thinking about wider participation in the energy system.’

Please listen below. The slides are there for you to follow.

The DNO role in the energy system an the Power Saver Plus Project
Tom Law, Electricity North West 



The 3D energy transition and implications for utility companies
Colin Baines, Investment Engagement Manager, Friends Provident Foundation



Energy Democracy
Emilia Melville, Burohappold Engineering and Bristol Energy Cooperative

Emillia Melville_Energy_Democracy


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