Bradford Pit Project

14th November 2017 - Knowledge bank, Walk
Bradford Pit Project


The Bradford Pit Project commemorates the colliery that used to stand on the site now occupied by SportCity and the Etihad Stadium.

It was set up to ensure that the people and places that contributed to development of Manchester will be marked and celebrated.

The project explores how people connect to their environment’s heritage, when all physical evidence has been removed. Etihad campus is what stands today where Bradford Colliery used to be, a site far removed from the desolate wasteland which remained for years after the pit’s demolition.

“When they pulled the mine down they cleared everything, it was a wasteland for years until they started developing, which was a brilliant thing but I don’t see anything outside where the community, people passing, everyone can see something there and say; ‘This was a pit here; what a great job they’ve done; from a pit, to this fantastic stadium!’.”
Michael Doherty – Bradford Miner

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