Research questions

12th October 2017 - Uncategorised

1. What barriers currently exist to incorporating citizens and workers in a municipal energy company in Greater Manchester according to a) policy makers b) energy system activists c) citizens; and d) workers?

2. What examples already exist of meaningful and successful engagement of citizens and workers; and what existing and new business models are there for an energy supply company in the UK or beyond?

3. In what ways have these been demonstrated to be effective and successful (e.g. on social, economic and environmental terms?) Does Greater Manchester offer equivalent structures/conditions within which to put in place similar models?

4. What currently unforeseen benefits might exist as side effects of worker and citizen participation in a municipal energy system in Manchester? Can these be built into the design of a municipal energy company for Greater Manchester?

5. How can insights from this project inform the design of a municipal energy company in Greater Manchester that will help establish values of equality, fairness and sustainability at the heart of energy provision?

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